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Welcome to our Web site!

Jason and Crystal just got married.  Here's the photos from the Las Vegas wedding chapel! 

Click the title above any picture to see the photo album. 

Hot Pics

Elaine's Art Gallery

The latest pictures! Enjoy Elaine's art, which she works on all the time.

Jason and Crystal's wedding

Labor Day with Kerry

Jason and Crystal were married on October 4, 2003.  Here are some photos from their wedding. Labor Day 2003.

Family Photo Album

Scenic Photo Album

The family album has family, house and dog pictures.  The scenic album includes photos from our treks, mostly around Colorado and Texas.


Golf League

Friends from past and present.  The golf album heralds the exploits of Elaine's golf league activities, and a little family golf.

Ancestor Photos

Old pictures of parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts and other family members and friends.  Colorado Tourist information, Weather

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